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How to set your New Year’s resolutions: Start a WISDOM LIST!

I’ve been enjoying and appreciating the holidays way too much, which comes as a surprise because this is the time of year I’m usually at my unhappiest. Something about this season tends to put me down, but the thought of a new year brightens me up again. The natural leeway of this introduction would be to start rambling on about my 2012, but I decided to take a different approach to the customary yearly review.

I think it would be more beneficial if we all asked ourselves what we learned from 2012 that we can carry forward as personal lessons. Not only will such an activity help give meaning to our reviews, but it will also create a list of resolutions that we may have never realised we needed to work upon. Seeking to implement these resolutions may even help to tick off the same resolutions we set year after year but never achieve. To help get you started, here are my lessons learned below.

I have learned that:-

1. I have to STOP using ‘I’m too young’ or ‘I’m too old’ as excuses to postpone decisions.

I just have to take chances when the moment feels right. If it doesn’t work out then:

  •  I have to improve my intuition skills
  • I have to identify the fears behind my excuses and conquer them once and for all
  • I have to separate what I want from what others want for/from me. Although people do offer me advice with best intentions, I let them make choices for me when deep down I know what is really best for me.

2. I have to stop drowning myself in self-pity when things don’t turn out how I planned even after hard work and dedication.

Retrospectively, I have always found a fault in myself for why something went astray and to be honest, this is a better approach than blaming others for my mistakes. However, I must take responsibility for my judgement at the time, and just move on. I also have to accept the fact that not everything is going to go my way.

3. I have to constantly remind myself I am 23 years old and that is what is: no more, no less.

There are people my age who have already achieved so much and there are others who really do not make an effort to fulfill their true potential. I have to stop comparing myself to my age group and start aiming to outdo myself. Constant comparison will be the death of me!

4. I have to stop coming up with great ideas if I’m not going to implement them.

Every year I come up with great ideas for the Maltese market, plan them out and even go through great lengths to make them happen (like recruiting like minded individuals or conducting market research). Then I get distracted with a new project or something and the motivation fizzles out. Three years later somebody in Malta comes up with the same idea and achieves massive success. I guess many people have experienced this and know how much it sucks. The lesson learned here is to stop DAYDREAMING and to start DOING!

5. I have a secret list of obstacles that I believe set me back romantically, spiritually, financially etc.

I shall not post the list here as this current list is personal enough! However, I shall try my best to overcome these obstacles in 2013. At the same time, I will remind myself that the only obstacles are inside my head and what I think is holding me back is just an excuse setting me up for failure.

Phew! That feels great.

I have now articulated my own personal goals for self-development and overall success in life AND SO CAN YOU! Give yourself 15 minutes to write down what you feel you’ve learned this year that will help you achieve better results in everything you aspire to do in life. Try not to pass the 15-minute mark so as to write as much as possible what immediately comes to mind (subconsciously you would have been contemplating these lessons for a few months and they will reveal themselves when a time constraint is presented). The list is also something that will will evolve anyway if you keep it up the following years. Each year you can check your progress from the first list and tick off/add lessons as you please, depending on the stage you are in life. You will notice that the lessons learned now may well be very different from those learned 5 years ago.

In fact, I’m going to go ahead and officially call this a WISDOM LIST.

We only get wiser with experience, whether good or bad, so take every occasion as an opportunity to learn. If you can’t think of anything in those 15 minutes, at least take that as a lesson learned for the coming years.

Happy New Year!

Tamara 🙂