This is a collection of poems I found which I wrote between the age of 13 and 20. I’m hoping to also add any poems I wrote as a child. Of course, if the muse hits me, I’ll post current poems here too.


Stranger smiling at me
Through the window
Of the café
Where I sit alone
With my espresso
And my lemon cheesecake.
Do I smile back?
What a weirdo!
Is there cream on my upper lip?
I shuffle my feet around
Open my sugar
Pour it in my cup
And as I look up
He’s gone.
How strange…

Written by Tamara Chetcuti, 28 Mar 2009, 08.53pm.


Feeling like a dirty dishcloth on a kitchen sink
Used a million times without time to stop and think
Of the pieces left behind
After use and misuse;
The pieces left behind
After wear and tear;
The pieces left behind
On your wine glass
When the light from your dusty blinds creeps through
And hits that glass
Where your lips once were
The night before
The night before
Where your lips once were
The night before.

Written by Tamara Chetcuti, 28 Mar 2009, 07.54pm.

Water Down the Ganges

Blood rushes through my veins
Like water down the Ganges
Fighting for oxygen
Through these crowded alleys
Trying to give its substance
To my abstract unknown soul
That refuses to be part
Always aiming to be whole

Each cell has its own story
Like people by the Ganges
Breathing life in the flow
Bustling as if cities
The tales of splendid journeys
Of Iris and wounded flesh
Reflected in my deep soul
Stirring emotions afresh

My heart keeps the harmony
Like Ganga and Gayatri
Pumping life with each beat
In perfect symmetry
With the old tabla player
By the murky riverbank
Who has heard curse and prayer
Of nobles and fishermen

Whose souls on death swim freely
Like schools of silvery fish
Born and killed through water
A curse from Ganga’s wish
To wash the sins of sinners
And thus purify their souls
My heart will keep on beating
With this message in the shoals

Written by Tamara Chetcuti, 17 May 2008, 2.21pm.

Bellydance #1: HEAD TO TOE

Breathing in and out
Slow but sure
Her lips curve
Her hips twist

Breathing in and out
Strong and happy
Her eyes shine
Her hair flies

And as her feet follow
The movement of her hands
Her belly executes the final blow

Written by Tamara Chetcuti, 29 Apr 2008, 06.51pm.

Bellydance #2: LOVE DANCE

Habibi, let me show you
The way I feel
When I look into your eyes.

As our lips embrace
Lightning strikes
My weakened heart
Softened by your kiss.

Habibi, allow my heart
To regain its strength
By electrifying my limbs.

Through your unending love
My body shall communicate
The beat of heart
I feel in your presence.

Ene behibek. I love you.

Written by Tamara Chetcuti, Unknown.

Bellydance #3: Friendship Dance

Raqs shaka with me
Dear Friend.
Let us move in synch:
The echo of our hips.
The audience’s eyes.

Be my shadow partner
Dear Friend.
Control of your muscles:
Smooth like milk and honey.
Their inspired minds.

Together we captivate
Dear Friend.
The crowd’s imagination:
Their knowledge and mind
Our souls’ connection.

Written by Tamara Chetcuti, Unknown.



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