My name is Tamara Chetcuti and I love to write. This is the simplest definition of myself. If you would like to learn more, please, do stick around and explore my blog. Alternatively, you can read about me after the jump.

© Claire Attard: photography, Tamara Chetcuti: editing

Tamara Chetcuti

Half Maltese, Half Zambian, 22 year old woman, living in Malta.

I’m impressionable; I desire to help people; I am a volcano of ideas ready to blow; I am an observer, a thinker and a dreamer; I am restless; I have dozens of to-do-lists to help organise my busy lifestyle;  I love an environment where I can express sympathy, inspiration and creativity; I love the arts especially music; I live music; I avoid conflict; I am a sore loser; I am a fair player; I am who I am.


Music, Travel, Blogging, Blogs, Media, Brand Management, Events Planning, Advertising Marketing, Development and Sustainability Issues, Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, Personal Style, The Art of Influence, The Art of Design, The Art of Intuition, Radical Self Love, Psychology, Neuroscience, Research and Statistics, Discoveries, Geniuses, Communication, Education, History, Public Speaking, Singing, Dancing, Socialising and Journalism.

What I do

I started this blog towards my final year of university studies. I’ve since graduated in a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Banking and Finance, and have started my second career job related to funds.

Media and Journalism

I have been writing from a young age. It first started with a kids mid-week pull out on The Times where I would send my contributions and win prizes. Then it developed through secondary school where I won essay, art and poetry competitions. At the age of 13, I was the youngest contributor on our school’s first website. This is about the time I realised I love interviewing people and reading about their lives. Shortly after I discovered blogging and have been at it ever since: first on the common Windows LiveSpace blogging feature, then one entry on Myspace and eventually on my last blog blackcherie. Since 2009, I have been writing articles for Insite’s website and publication The Insiter.


You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. You can also join my Art community at Art – The Malta Connection.

I like to write promotional material, articles, poems, conduct interviews and reviews, cover events, plan events, host/facilitate events and give presentations or public speeches (mostly in English). In order to request my services you may comment on this post below.

I hope you enjoy reading my entries as much as I enjoy writing them.

Much love,