30 BC – DAY 26

Today, I am blessed because…

I got the opportunity to go to university!

In a few days time I shall finish reading for my degree. It seems like a dream. What a long and winding journey that was, and yet at the same time, how fast it flew past my very eyes! My second semester was a nightmare and I am hoping that I won’t have to do any resits or repeat my last year or something. That said, I am kind of sad that it’s all over. The prospect of finally having a full time job is exciting but I’m really going to miss uni. The whole experience has forced me to grow up, accept responsibility and aim for myself without other people trying to set my goals. It has also instilled in me a hunger for knowledge and the truth.

Some people talk about uni opening up the graduate to a world of better paid jobs. I don’t think uni is all about getting a high paid job. In most cases, graduates take ages to find a good job anyway. Some have to go abroad or continue studying to secure relevant employment in their desired career. For me, it is more about being in an environment that nourishes well informed, opinionated, conscientious citizens. The beauty of it is that nobody will force you to seek knowledge. However, the resources are all around you: software, books, equipment, professionals in the field. It is their at your fingertips and you have the power to use it.

I shall never forget the wonderful people I met at my time at the University of Malta. I have formed some wonderful friendships with my classmates, lecturers, various staff members and especially with people who I have encountered while working within student organisations. I am truly grateful for sharing this experience with them.

So, how are you BLESSED today? 🙂



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