30 BC – DAY 22

Today, I am blessed because…

...I love my first name!

If there’s one thing my parents got right, it was my name!

Before I started this blog, I needed to give it a proper name. I came up with a whole list of possible blog names but settled for my full name in the end. However, I was stuck with the prospect of keeping my surname in the web address. You see, I have attracted some positive opportunities in my life due to my surname. I have come to learn that people with my same surname are very proud of it and try to stick out for each other. The problem is I never felt the same way about it.

My mind was changed when I decided to order a free Name Report from the Society of Kabalarians in Vancouver. This group have been considered as a sort of cult group and I had found warnings of their teachings before requesting the report. However, I was so unhappy with my surname, at the time, that I decided to go ahead and send them an email. They immediately compiled a report for me which provided information on how balanced my full name is, how it aligns with my birth path and even which nicknames bring me harmony. According to the Kabalarian Philosophy, if your name is not balanced it will deter you from following your life-path.

Now, I am the type of person who doesn’t give a shit about horoscopes and numerology and all that stuff, but there’s something about names which I find very mystical. It could be because I grew up as a Roman Catholic, reading Bible stories about men who were given names by God which meant particular destinies; I really don’t know. All I know is that names fascinate me and even though I thought the whole Kabalarian Philosophy was a pile of BS, I still went ahead with the report.

As it turns out, the report was pretty spot on and I was quite impressed. It was very detailed and covered many aspects of my life from birth to death. And best of all, it convinced me that my name is not that bad after all. I didn’t come to this revelation because the report said I have a balanced name. Au contraire, it actually said that there are certain imbalances in my name that may affect my health and other aspects of my life. It made me realise the positive aspects of my surname which were always there but the report just made me appreciate them more. In fact, everything in that report was a kind of wake-up call to me. In retrospect, I think that that report changed me more than I think it did.

Since then, I have hardly given a thought about the Kabalarians and my name. But three days ago I thought of the report and opened it up again. It is not something I believe in fully but it is a pretty helpful form of reflection for me. At the end of the report, it asks if I want to attend a name-changing session. I never even considered that because I can’t really tell if they say the same things to all their clients: “Your name is sending out negative vibes man. Seek the balanceeeee!” (haha, Sorry I can just imagine some hippy high on the herbs looking at the colour of my aura). And it’s kind of odd really, because I only found out about them because I WANTED to change my surname! The report had the exact opposite effect on me – it made me respect my surname like never before.

I really don’t know what the future has in store for my surname. All I know is that I don’t feel unhappy about it anymore and I cannot understand why it had made me feel this way for most of my life. It is weird how our names can make us feel, how they can change the way people perceive us and treat us, and how they can influence our lives. I remember telling a friend once that I wanted to change my surname to my mother’s maiden name which is one syllable short of Chetcuti. He replied with something about linguistic rhythm and feng shui or something: “No way! Tamara Chetcuti has symmetry, six syllables, flow. A two syllable surname would just disrupt the rhythm.” Makes sense, I guess.

Luckily, I have a first name that I absolutely adore and I feel describes me and makes me whole. Other people seem to really like it too and they always remember it – which can be a good and a bad thing (depends on which side of the crime scene you’re on!). At least I can say I am blessed to have a name I like and that has brought me joy (even though I have struggled in the surname department). And all this talk of names has been brought about by a hilarious post by a fellow Tamara blogger who talks about people mispronouncing her name. I found the post so funny and true! Names really do have a greater impact on our lives than we think they do.

How are you BLESSED today?

Tamara 🙂


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