30 BC – DAY 21

Today, I am blessed because…

I always have enough water for my hydration and sanitary needs!

Summer is heating things up and I’m finding myself getting sweatier by the minute. Not flattering at all. I am trying to minimise the use of my fan but the heat is getting unbearable at times. Luckily, I have a secret weapon…WATER! I have increased my shower intake and I am also guzzling down water every few minutes. Two months ago I decided to completely stop drinking soft drinks (because they are unhealthy, they upset my stomach and I don’t really like soft drinks anyway). This means I would have now successfully eliminated soft drinks, coffee, milkshakes and crisps from my diet in the past five years. Yay for me! It also means I am now consuming a lot of water, whether it’s in a bottle or coming out of a shower hose.

A couple of years back, my dad and I had a dream to have a recyclable used water system installed in our house. We had done up the design and everything but it never materialised. This was around the same time that a draft paper on Sustainable Water usage in Malta was set up. I don’t know if this paper was ever finalised. You don’t hear much about it these days. However, I have come to notice that in the last 12 months a lot of NGOs in Malta and all over the world are putting an emphasis on sustainable water usage. One example is SOS Malta and its participation in the global Walk for Water campaign.
It is important to realise that we are lucky to have a water system connected to our homes here in Malta, even though a reform needs to be carried out to stop usage abuse. Some places in the world don’t even have this privilege and have to walk long distances to get safe clean drinking water.

The picture above symbolises to me how water keeps our minds alive. It keeps us nourished and hydrated. It cleanses us and keeps away illness. Sometimes a cool splash of water to the face can take away a headache or feelings of stress, or even wake us up when we’re tired. Water is precious. Water is life.

I am truly lucky to have access to such a wonderful natural resource.

How are you BLESSED today?

Tamara 🙂


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