30 BC – DAY 19

Today, I am blessed because…

I know so many talented and skilled people!

This one’s easy for me to say as I recognise and appreciate talent every single day. It is one of those things I thank God for all the time. There was a time in my teenage years where I wanted to be a talent scout and manager because I just couldn’t stop looking at people with such genuine child-like wonder and pinpointing their strengths. I like to be in a creative environment where I can assess individuals and their talents/skills and combine them to create something truly magical. I tend to look for the good in people and I am easily impressed even by simple skills like tying a good knot. (My knots are so frail). Although one can train to acquire a skill, it takes something else to make it a talent! I do hope that my dear talented friends and relatives keep on pursuing their talents, because it makes me really proud to know that they recognise their own unique abilities and share them with the rest of the world.

How are you BLESSED today?

Tamara 🙂


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