30 BC – DAY 15


I’ve hit the half-way mark on my 30 DAY BLESSINGS CHALLENGE. I’ve been really waiting for this day just to see how far I get in this little project of mine. My last three entries came so naturally to me, and last night as I was writing my DAY 14, I realised that this challenge has finally become routine for me. Luckily, I started it two weeks ago. My first exam is tonight and if I started the challenge today I may not have completed it due to exam anxiety. I know I’m getting a bit tense as I can feel those butterflies in my stomach and I feel like throwing up. This is normal for me. I always get these anxiety attacks. However, I understand where it’s coming from and I try and calm myself down before entering the exam hall. I try not to be too calm though as feeling agressive actually helps me perform better. When I was 17, I started feeling exam anxiety for the first time ever and the thing that pulled me through was a friend’s advice. He told me “When you’re going to the exam hall you got to feel in power. Be the pimp of that exam paper and screw that bitch!” I think this pretty much explains why I become a monster during exams. I unleash my inner Genghis Khan!

So here’s my DAY 15 halfway mark. As the poster says: ‘DON’T QUIT, half way through!” I hope I can keep that mentality when I reach my exam’s halfway mark. Fingers crossed!

Good day and may you all be blessed,

Tammy xoxo


DAY 15

Today, I am blessed because…

I am alive!

What if this end-of-the-world phooey were true? Would you be relieved that you don’t have to live for long or would you be disappointed that your life is about to be cut short?

I often secretly hope that I won’t live to be really old. The golden days of retirement are not that golden. The back pain, the memory loss, the boredom. It’s really not the high point of our lives. But for those who know me, I tend to have so many dreams and plans and projects going on, that you would think I could live till I’m 100! I hope that’s not the case. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t feel sad if the world had to end right now. I would be devastated in fact! Therefore, I thank God that I am still alive and kicking. It means I have another day to make a difference and pursue my dreams. This is all I ask for and all I hope to achieve.

How are you BLESSED today?


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