30 BC – DAY 14

Today, I am blessed because…

I have access to the internet!

Back in 2009, I remember a case in some particular African countries where individuals were speaking of the Internet as a human right. Living in a fairly technological country like Malta it hardly crosses one’s mind that internet is not accessible. It doesn’t even cross our minds that we can live without the Internet! We demand the Internet for all our daily tasks and it sort of becomes a right automatically (although it doesn’t fully include all the requirements to be a human right). There are days when I realise that the Internet is an unhealthy distraction (especially when I’m studying), but at the same time it provides a quick reference point for information and data requirements (especially when I’m studying!). Today, my brother was studying Pure Maths and I was studying Banking. He needed to ask me something about Quadratic Inequalities but I was not sure about it. I know they’re not complicated algebraic equations but I got stuck on one of them. All he needed was a quick internet search and he found a YouTube video that solved his problem. I too needed to verify something in my class notes and the Internet provided me with lecture notes from another university in the world which better explained what I was trying to understand. Even though the Internet is distracting it can really help one in their work or studies. Luckily, I can rely on it to access a library of information at my fingertips and update myself with current news that will come in handy in an examination where every little detail helps differentiate the ‘A’ students from the rest.

How are you BLESSED today?

Tammy 🙂


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