30 BC – DAY 13

Today, I am blessed because…

I got a compliment!

My brother and I decided to audition for film extras in a Maltese-Norwegian production being shot this summer. We went to the casting this evening. The whole process only took about 15 minutes until we filled in their forms, asked some questions and got our photos taken. The people were really nice to us and one lady stopped to have a chat with me as she liked my make-up and my eyes. I tend to over-look compliments as I get a lot of them and I sometimes wonder if they’re often a form of small talk. However, I’ve been taking every compliment I get lately. I’ve been this way since I turned 21 and started to feel like I am getting old. Just last week I realised that I am old enough to have a nine year old child! That is depressing to think about. So as soon as this lady complimented me I thanked her and started talking about eye-liner and make-up techniques according to the shape of the eye. She really seemed appreciative of the advice and genuinely interested. I’m glad I could help her and get some nice words out of it at the same time! 😉

How are you BLESSED today?

Tammy xoxo

PS. I know these blessings posts probably remind you of primary school essays, but I am really enjoying writing them. You guys should really try it out!


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