30 BC – DAY 11


Today, I am blessed because…

there are people who enjoy my company!

I love getting text messages, emails or phone calls to go out, even though I may not always act like I do. During exams, I feel like going all loco on people who actually ask me out because I would be under so much pressure that I don’t want to ruin my hard work. I am a major daydreamer and not very self-disciplined so I try and avoid going out before exams or other important events. I get distracted too easily so I just ban the good stuff from my life and focus on what I WANT! This is how I function and all I want is for people to understand. Everyone handles stress differently. Some people go out and then come back home and fervently finish off their work or study until their next outing. This is impossible for me as I get distracted a lot so I need to study slowly and surely without worrying about where I’m going out tonight. However,  I am still grateful that there are people who enjoy my company and want to hang out specifically with me. It makes me feel wanted and loved. Major thanks goes out to all those special people who include me in their plans, even when I’m yelling at them because I am trying to cram study notes in my tired brain and working out past exam papers! I love you all.

How are you BLESSED today? 🙂

Tammy xoxo


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