30 BC – DAY 10

Yummy recipe from MarthaStewart.com 🙂

Today, I am blessed because…

I never go without food.

It pains me when food goes to waste. I always try and finish the whole plate even if I am full. And when I know my mum may be preparing a meal for us and I’m not hungry I make sure to warn her so that she doesn’t cook for nothing. However, I sometimes like to buy extra food (usually snacks) just because I want something different or feel like a sinful treat. Stuff like chocolates, cupcakes and ice cream seem mighty tempting when I’m studying or stressed. I know these snacks may be fattening or unhealthy to consume all the time, but I am sort of lucky that I can actually afford these things. Therefore, whether I eat a snack or a full meal, I try and moderate my consumption because I know it is healthier to do so and I know that I am lucky to even afford all the food I need in the first place.

How are you BLESSED today?



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