30 BC – DAY 7

Hey, hey, hey!

If you’ve just come across my blog, I would like to welcome you to the end of my first 30 BC week. The acronym 30 BC stands for 30 Day BLESSINGS Challenge. Every day, for 30 consecutive days, I am writing about something that makes me feel blessed — happy, grateful, alive, appreciative.

It has only been 7 days and it hasn’t been easy. The first three days were fine but when you start getting those bad days you really don’t get in the mood for positive thinking. What got me back up again was this poster I found yesterday:-

It sure is! How easy it is for us to make an effort to be sad and waste all our energy on worries. Why can’t we make the effort to be happy, to not take things for granted and to feel blessed? A lot of us don’t want to admit that we’re happy or don’t believe that we are. It’s almost easier for us to admit we’re sad, worried or under pressure. A positive step towards being happy only involves a little courage and commitment. Take that step today and you will thank yourself later for it. After all, your courage can be your little blessing of the day.

So here’s to my first week of blessings! If you want to check this week’s blessings out just click on my previous blogs. Meanwhile…

Today, I am blessed because I can write!

How delightful it is to grab a pen and scribble your thoughts on paper. I always try and carry a pen and notebook with me, just in case inspiration strikes! Writing is very dear to me. I express myself better in writing than in speech. Put me in a debate and I am absolutely useless. However, leave me alone with my pen and paper and I can make magic.

Writing also helps me relax and clear my head. I can put all my ideas on paper without fear of losing them due to my short term memory. I also write to understand what I am feeling or to make sense of a situation. It comes easy to me but I know that not everyone knows how to write. Therefore, I cherish this skill and talent as a true blessing.

How are you BLESSED today?

Tammy xoxo


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