30 BC – DAY 4

Today, I am blessed because…

…I can listen to music!

I often wonder what life would be like if I was deaf but then I quickly erase such thoughts as they are unbearable to think of. Over two years ago, I won a competition for music lovers. The competition was called The Sony Ericsson Fanwalk and it took me across the UK to the MTV Europe Music Awards along with another 100 music lovers. There I made friends with a deaf guy. He was so sweet and genuine and had a deep love for music. He taught me sign language and he shared his favourite songs with me. The first night we hung out he sent me a ringtone which up to this day is still my alarm in the morning. I used to love grinding to Beyonce with him.

However, not all deaf people have the ability to experience music like my friend did. It would really be heartbreaking for me to lose my hearing and I am really obsessed over this as I have always had ENT problems from a young age. It is my biggest fear to lose my hearing. I don’t only want to hear the beat of songs, I want to listen to the unique voices of singers, the imaginative lyrics, the harmonies. Music is one of life’s greatest blessings. I shall remain a music lover for as long as I live.

How are you BLESSED today?

Tammy xoxo


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