Carousel [Week 3, Year 2011]

Cherish your life, even the little insignificant moments.

I’ve had a weird week.


An old lady stops me at the supermarket and tells me “I just want to say you’re a beautiful person not just your face and on the outside but also on the inside. I don’t know you very much but I can tell that you are a good person when you smile at me as I enter the supermarket”. Awkward, flattering, unique moment. Made my day. Then in the evening I hurt someone I dearly love because of some mistakes I made in my past. So two opposing scenarios in one day. Well, I didn’t say I was perfect.


Studying for an evening exam and the old lady who lives two doors up puts on the karaoke machine and doesn’t stop singing 80’s tunes until I leave the house for my exam. She sounds like she’s had a few too many as well. Annoying but hilarious experience (trauma?).


I get a free pot of yoghurt at the University canteen. Old cleaning lady who loves me to bits (only God knows why) sneaks another pot into my bag and winks at me. I act cool as the cashier is looking quizzically at me, nod and rush out. Awkward but cool moment yet again.


Boring day.


Got another free yoghurt. Yay! But another average day. Except for my friend playing a prank on my two hetero friends and putting a picture of them “together” in a Valentine’s Day competition on Facebook to win a free hotel weekend break. They ended up being featured on a famous Maltese blogger’s blog and the comments that ensued were hilarious. Some people took it seriously but luckily the guys were good sports and tagged along. Haha.


So my week wasn’t all that grand but there were some memorable moments. Let’s move on the usual weekly fix shall we?

  • This is so on my birthday wishlist. Click the picture!

  • SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME HAPPY: Skins Season 5 Opening Trailer

  • SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME SAD: Skins USA Season 1 Episode 1. I watched the pilot episode and I was quite disappointed which was expected anyway! Why did they bastardize such a good series? 😦
  • Amazing Opera singer Charity Tillemann-Dick talks about singing again after her double lung transplant. Truly mesmerising story!



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