Carousel [Week 2, Year 2011]

Stairway to Book Heaven. Brilliant! But must be hard to clean...


Welcome to this week’s carousel. I hope you had a great weekend. And to top it all off my picks of the week…

"Electric Blue" - Styling by Marie Nichols. Amazing colour scheme. I love interior design.

  • I got a shock last week when I heard the Zodiac star signs had changed. I never read my horoscope so I guess it wouldn’t have really bothered me but I’m still kind of proud that I’m a Gemini. Weird huh? Thank God the change is for babies born from 2009. Phew!
  • My new food obsession in 2011 is the CRANBERRY. I made some sweet ricotta and cranberries vol-au-vents with icing sugar for New Year’s Day lunch and I became obsessed. I’ve also been having Weetabix’s Minibix with Cranberries, Raspberries and Raisins. BLISS. And now I found out this magical fruit also has it’s own Institute for the research and increased awareness of the health benefits of cranberries. Seriously, this fruit has to be part of everyone’s balanced diet!
  • Are you a Skins fan? Then you’ll love this website 🙂

My friend posted this on her Twitter. LOVE IT! Girl Power FTW.

  • Do you want to be an Illustrator? This article on is a real eye-opener.
  • Is happiness genetic? Another cool extract at taken from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (As you can tell I am a crazy Gala fan).
  • Original Space Jam website is still online after 16 yrs!! Somebody hold me, I feel a wave of super geek fanaticism rushing over me. I was such a Space Jam fan back in the day. Michael Jordan was my hero, Chicago was my favourite city and I sang “I Believe I Can Fly” every day till the age of 14. Can I share another secret? I kind of still sing it every now and then. *blushes*
  • My favourite church song sang by an amazing Gospel Choir:

  • Been stuck on this song all day! ———->

  • The first Saturday Night Live of 2011 was hosted by Jim Carrey and got one of the highest ratings in a long time! Jim Carrey is another one of my childhood heroes and I still love him to bits:-


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