With Great Talent Comes Great Responsibility

One of the videos that really caught my eye at the end of 2010 was the story of Ted Williams, an ex-radio DJ who became an alcoholic and drug addict and fought for over 11 years to get sober again. He has now been sober for two and a half years and was discovered by a man who filmed a video of him using his “Golden Voice” and posted it on Youtube. Since then the man has gotten multiple offers from TV to radio to voice-overs. What I find so inspirational about Ted is that he is ready to admit that he took the good things in his life for granted. He just gave up on life because he didn’t want to work hard for what he wanted. He let go of his talents. Now at 52 and sober, Ted is trying to change what’s left of his life around. And he is doing it with such humility and hope that it sincerely touched my heart.

I really wish this man success and I shall leave you all with this quote by Robert Half:-

“Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.”



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