Carousel [Week 1, Year 2011]

  • It seems art made out of books is becoming very popular again as you may remember from my last carousel where I posted an artist who made sculptures out of old phonebooks [ Need a little reminder? ]. But now I found an artist called Jeremy May who makes recycled jewellery out of old thrown out books. His business goes by the name and slogan “Littlefly -Literary Jewels by Jeremy May.” Sweet. 🙂

Click on image to visit Jeremy's site!

  • Kinda Just Wish I Had an Arranged Marriage… Really interesting article about divorce. I sort of agree with the author. I remember at age 13/14 I didn’t believe in love and thought that marriages used to last as they were arranged!
  • This is priceless. A school principal from Westside Middle School in Memphis is trying to put an end to boys who wear saggy pants with their ass all out by pulling their pants up like popular 90s sitcom nerd Steve Urkel, taking a photo of the boys and putting them up on a Wall of Shame:

“The authors argue that when young adults invest in themselves and their careers before taking on the baggage of marriage, children and a job to pay the bills, they are equipped to make better choices down the road, for themselves and as citizens. Having a child too early can be one of the costliest barriers to advancement, whereas postponing nuptials until careers are in place leads to lower divorce rates.”

  • A girl using make-up to transform herself into Jared Leto. Amazing!


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