Carousel [Week 52, Year 2010]

Over 12 hours ago my little brother posted a Facebook status that read as follows:-

“If you can’t find happiness around you, make your own!”

I instantly liked his status and asked him if everything was alright. He simply said he was in a good mood. This afternoon, I helped him get ready for his New Year’s Eve party and I smiled as he entered the room with his suit on. I felt happy at that point. Happy to see my brother had grown into this smart young man with lots of friends and a great sense of humour. A man who doesn’t know how to wear a tie, but a man nonetheless.

The problem with happiness is that we are always looking for it but it’s not such an easy thing to find. I think we raise our expectations too high most of the time and that is why a lot of us are never truly happy. Another human trait that keeps us away from happiness is that we are always complaining and sulking about the things we don’t have. When is the last time you stopped and celebrated the things you do have without boasting or with ulterior motives? I think before we start making resolutions for 2011 we should first stop and appreciate the things we achieved in the last twelve months and the people who were there along the way (even during the bad times). Only then can we set realistic goals for the new year that make us happier, healthier and wiser.

Happy New Year my friends and now for the last carousel of the year. Just in case you don’t know, a carousel is a post published every Friday that contains all the fun stuff that caught my eye during the week. I hope you enjoy it! I haven’t done one in two months so this one is extra special!

Much Love and Happiness,

Tammy xxx


  • According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. It starts on February 3, 2011 and ends on January 31, 2012. This is a year of endurance so be prepared to make some sacrifices. I was born in the year of the Snake and apparently I am going to have a bad year. The chart told me not to go to a funeral, avoid cold food as I will get a gastrointestinal infection and to avoid gambling. Err, OK.
  • Art made out of phone books??? This is truly amazing stuff! Artist Alex Queral carves faces out of phone books. I especially like the Jack Nicholson one. I could slide it into a box made to look like a phone book cover and give it to someone to open and when they do I’d have a little speaker that goes “Here’s Johnny!!”. Yes, it’s complicated, but funny.
  • 9 to 5 job or being your own boss? I found this article by Danielle Laporte quite inspiring. How exactly do we equate happiness with work? Does it depend on the type of job? Are we promoting the “entrepreneurial spirit” in the wrong way?
  • COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2011: This has been announced a while ago but I only got around to posting it now. Every year I eagerly await Pantone’s Colour of the Year. Pantone are a worldwide authority on colour and some people simply wait for this announcement every year so that they can re-paint their living rooms and buy new curtains. It’s craziness!
  • One of my fave typography artists. Click the picture to find more of his "quotes" work.

  • LIVE WEBCAM of NYE celebrations in TIMES SQUARE. There’s a Malta one too on the site along with other countries although it’s kind of stuck! But the Times Square one is live and flowing!
  • Rolling Stones: BEST 50 songs of 2010. I don’t always agree with Rolling Stones and their choice of #1 is not my favourite but it is a justified one. The man behind the song was recently described in an interview as an artist with no competition; he competes against himself. And that’s already one hard record to beat!

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