Carousel [Week 42, Year 2010]

Summer 2010: Memories - Photo: Tamara Chetcuti; Location: Marsalforn (Gozo)

It’s seriously stormy tonight and I’m here at home relaxing and not bothered to do any uni work. Malta was a non-stop daily rain fest as of late only to be followed by the last three days of blissful sunshine. When the rain stopped it was like spring. The town I live in came alive. I used to live in the busy town centre of Naxxar all my life and thought I’d find it hard to move to a quiet town which once was the base for the British military in Malta. However, I’ve grown to love this little place called Pembroke. There are so many open spaces and interesting areas to walk in. Every day you can discover something new. On beautiful sunny days you see families on pic-nics (today was no exception) and people flying kites. As I was walking home around 2pm I noticed all the dry muddy patches I had been seeing during this last rainy spell (and after the brutal Maltese summer) had turned into high carpets of grass, blossoming flowers and dozens of butterflies at every turn. The flora and fauna here are amazing. Here are some pictures I took this afternoon with my Sony Ericsson W890i:

If I didn’t have to go on an interview assignment today (with Funk Initiative who are a super cool awesome band!) then I would have woken up really early and photographed the sunrise from the cliffs around Pembroke and gone on a photography spree around town. Always wanted to do that! Hope to get a chance some time.

Anyway, here’s the best stuff I found on the interwebz this week:

  • Technically, I read this over a week ago but forgot to post it. Is the Recruitment Consultant a dead occupation? Should recruiters use Facebook and other social media to choose the right employee? Read on, here.
  • I have been obsessed with anything related to India since the age of 10 and really hope to visit someday. Recently, I found an artist, designer and decor lover from Mumbai who runs a cool blog with his designs which have an Indian element to them. I’m loving it! Watch his work at ArtnLight.
  • 30+ Inspirational MEET THE TEAM web pages. Every company website has that page where you’re introduced to the people behind the company’s success. In most cases, its really boring (especially on Maltese company websites) but this site has collected some of the most entertaining ‘Meet the Team’ pages. Enjoy!
  • And here’s one of my favourite MEET THE TEAM pages: These guys get you to answer a quiz and according to your answers they pick the perfect t-shirt for you and deliver it in a cool paper box packaging. Although the team’s identity is totally mysterious in this case, I really like when these kind of pages don’t really give titles but just explain the roles of the individual and maybe give them another identity. After all, a title is just a title. It’s what you do that counts!
  • Did you know that Hitler was a hipster? Click the comic above to visit for the latest in Nazi fashion.

  • How to Make IDEAS happen! – According to Scott Belsky having an idea is not even half the job done. There’s so much more to it than that…
  • My favourite MUSIC PLAYER site is It features music news and cool Top 100 playlists! The current one is the Top 100 Halloween songs: convenient if you’ve been bribed into being the DJ at some Halloween party and need to sample some tracks for inspiration.
  • I constantly use chill-out, meditation and concentration playlists to get me through my stressful days. The right atmosphere can really help you relax and I found out that if I listen to a frequency of 852Hz my muscles immediately loosen and I feel so good. These are known as the Solfeggio Frequencies. You really should give them a try. And you can find many on Youtube too! 🙂

Switch off the lights, Select Full Screen, Click Play and Zone Out. If you click the owner of this video’s channel you will find a whole collection of chill out songs set to stunning BBC Earth documentary clips and other nature scenes. Nature and Ambient Music – you can’t deny their healing power!

I can’t tell you how inspirational I find this TED talk. It is probably my favourite TED talk ever! I listen to it so often and thought I’d share it just in case you still haven’t come across it. Steven Johnson speaks about where GOOD IDEAS COME FROM. Visit for more inspiration.

  • First rainbow I saw this autumn! ❤

Hope you had a splendid weekend everyone. I have some half-started blogs in my Drafts folder which I need the time to finish off and post to the world wide web. I would love to be a full time blogger, but as a full time Honours student, there is no chance in hell. So until then, I hope to keep you inspired and motivated with my little offerings. Then again, better to post one good blog post than several blog entries with no real substance.

Much Love, Peace and Respect,



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