Carousel [Week 41, Year 2010]


Qumran, West Bank - photo by Luca Tufigno


I am a girl of many interests but I want this blog to not only have diverse entries on topics that catch my interest but to also be of usefulness to others, to spark debate, to inspire others when they’re running dry and to evoke creativity in people’s lives. One person who has helped me make this conscious decision is a woman I never actually met. Her name is Gala Darling and she is a professional full-time blogger. I have been following her blog for the past year now and have even purchased some of her podcasts. I may not agree with all her posts but one thing’s for sure: she is a very inspirational lady!

Her avid readers have been following a weekly tradition for quite some time now known as Carousel which is a list of links to things that have caught the blogger’s eye during the week. This week I decided to induct myself in this tradition and start posting my own Carousel!

The carousel comes from the French carousel and the Italian carosello, meaning a rotating circular structure with seats for riders used for amusement purposes. The carousel or the merry-go-round is a fun whirlwind adventure, so I hope you enjoy the ride. 🙂


I think I should put riding one of these on my bucket list...


First, two cool links I found on

And here are some more cool links I found this week! Knock yourselves out…

  • Does Self Empowerment lead to Procrastination? – I found this blog through Gala Darling but the blog post I discovered myself and it really got me thinking. Are you an extremely driven and ambitious person but find yourself procrastinating over and over again? This is what happens to me and I have been slowly trying to change my ‘why-do-now-what-you-can-do-tomorrow’ nature. I even wrote a blog (or two?) about the matter on my old blog BlackCherie. Sometimes, it’s a matter of habitual routine I guess.
  • Bloggers can change the world! Last week, I discovered BLOG ACTION DAY 2010 and today, 15 October, thousands of bloggers (including myself) blogged on the topic of WATER. Click the picture below to sign a petition to have an International Water Treaty to Provide Clean Water Everywhere. Water is precious.


Sign the Petition


  • While attending a workshop on ‘Harnessing the Power of Social Media in the Workplace’ last Friday, one of the speakers showed us this. I LOVE IT!


I like the title of one blog "The US Air Force: Armed with Social Media". Haha. Fantastic stuff and applicable to all organisations using Social Media.


  • “Is Malta becoming Silicon Valley or India?” – an interesting post by a friend of mine, Mark “Biwwa” Debono on the “real” reason Malta attracts so much investors and why more graduates, professionals and specialists seem to want to leave the island.
  • Skype is good. Facebook is good. If they both integrate this is the result.
  • The European Journalism Centre is offering all European youth a great journalistic opportunity. Check it out at I wanted to take part but I think I have to use my own native language, Maltese, which I am fluent in but cannot use as confidently and wittingly as the English language.

My music fix:-

My fave tunes and videos of the month are…

I love club anthem sounding tracks!

Cee-Lo got his soul on for his new album Lady Killer. MUST BUY IT when it’s out!

The bloody best tribute cover album of the year! From a crazy Hall and Oates fan, with Love.

An oldie but a motherchuckin’ goodie! Word Up. B-)

Hope you enjoyed my carousel this week and hope to keep this a regular fixture which I can post every weekend, possibly on Sundays.

Peace, love and good weekend vibes!



4 responses to “Carousel [Week 41, Year 2010]

  1. Thanks for the trackback Tamz! Indeed, the social network diagram is fascinating!

    • I found that diagram really cool. You can even apply it to comments on your own blog. It’s so funny that such a sensitive environment like the US Air Force is so open about social media. Just goes to show ya…

  2. Hi Elena!

    Glad to meet another blogger for BLOG ACTION DAY 2010. I found your blog post really interesting and have left a comment on it. The topic of water is so impacting! Keep on blogging. 🙂


  3. Thanks for this post!
    Please read and share my post about Water’s footprint in Fashion
    You can make the difference!

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